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Our Story

Le Waf’s history stretches back to 1997 in Monterey, California, where we first offered our freshly baked Liège waffles out of a push cart at a Farmer’s Market. Our traditional Belgian treat became an instant sensation, and the ensuing success was immediate.

Since then, we’ve experienced a steady growth, developing into a successful brand with multiple retail and distribution outlets across the country. Our Liège waffles have even been spotted at some of the biggest sporting events, including twice at the Olympics and US Open, and once (so far) at the Super Bowl. More recently, we have developed a line of wholesale products for the retail and food service industry, including frozen waffle dough, dry mix, and baked waffles in different packaging options, sizes and flavors, including cinnamon, chocolate chips, and blueberry.

While we’ve certainly transcended our humble beginnings and evolved over the years, our core values and mission have remained the same.

Our Story
Our Values

Our Values

Since our inception over 25 years ago, our core values of passion, integrity, and dedication to our mission have gone unchanged. As a dedicated team committed to perfection, we take great pride in offering a unique product line made with the absolute highest quality ingredients. Our mantra is simple, really: to offer every customer the best waffle ever.

These core values— along with our focus on superior quality and exemplary service— is what allows us to pave the way to a more satisfying shopping experience for our customers. It’s also what helps us form better and long-lasting relationships with our employees and business partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to source, produce, and market in strategic locations a line of authentic and high-quality Liège waffles. We plan to commit to our mission by focusing on the following aspects:


We are committed to providing each and every patron with top quality products and superior service at the best possible price. Recognizing that great food comes with great standards, we’re also dedicated to offering our customers a comfortable and fun shopping environment, while complying with the highest safety and sanitation standards.

Business Partners:

For the benefit of all parties involved, we are constantly developing and strengthening our relationships with our employees, agents, suppliers, and contractors. Increasingly aware of our role in our local communities, we are also devoted to integrating a degree of social responsibility to the people and patrons in them.


Considering the constant development of our activities as a major factor of long-term success, we agree to protect and enhance the investment of our partners, while providing them with the best possible returns.

Le Waf has been honored to serve its artisan waffles to the following prestigious organizations and world famous events.