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Why buy an HVD waffle iron?


Because Le Waf is made of a dough, and not a liquid batter, any iron will not do the job.

To reproduce the amazing taste and flavor of our artisan waffles you will need a cast iron machine that will bake the thick dough and allow the pearl sugar to melt and caramelize.


All waffle irons are not created equal and only HVD equipment will perform to perfection.

Remember: Your waffle will be only as good as your waffle iron

Still skeptical? Take the bake test: try our Le Waf dough on your current waffle iron and compare. Not quite the same amazing experience you had with us? Don’t look any further: If you are not satisfied with the caramelizing or if your iron cannot keep up after a few batches (waffles take longer to bake and are still doughy inside), it is not coming from our dough but from your current waffle iron... Time to invest in a professional HVD waffle maker.

  • HVD irons are the best on the market. Period. When you are buying an HVD machine you are investing in equipment that will last many years and pay itself many times over.

  • HVD is THE only Liege waffle irons manufacturer whose machines are NSF certified. Your health inspector has the authority to partially or completely shut down your operation if you are using non-NSF certified equipment (FYI, UL listing is a different certification altogether and will not avoid issues with the health department).

  • HVD irons will give you piece of mind knowing that your equipment will not break down when you need it the most.

  • HVD irons are machined at the factory allowing for a smooth baking surface. This results in:

    • Bigger waffles: the yeast inside the dough can freely expand since there are minimal frictions on the smooth baking surface. The waffle is 20% bigger in an HVD iron than in any other brands.

    • Tastier waffles: A bigger waffle means a fluffier product with a greater air contact ratio and an improved taste and texture.

    • Easier cleaning: Caramel is removed effortlessly and efficiently from the HVD iron, resulting in reduced maintenance and cleaning time and substantial savings.

  • HVD thick and heavy duty cast iron plates (90 lbs for a large unit) will hold heat far better than a regular waffle iron which results in faster recovery time when baking large amount of dough and great baking consistency waffles after waffles.

  • HVD waffle irons are guaranteed 10 years for the plates, 1 year for which the electrical. No other waffle iron manufacturer offers such a comprehensive warranty.

  • HVD waffle iron are made to last. This is the last waffle iron you will buy... unless your business expands and you buy another HVD.

  • HVD irons come in 2 sizes (small: 2 waffles or large: 4 waffles) and are available in either 110 Volt or 220 Volt.


Why buy an HVD waffle iron from Euro Snack?

  • Euro Snack has been in the liege waffle business for over 20 years. We do one thing and we do it right.

  • Euro Snack carries only waffle irons unlike larger distributors who reference thousands of items and have no idea what a Liège waffle is.

  • Euro Snack carries exclusively HVD equipment, because it is in the best iron and with the best dough that you will make the best waffles. We don't compromise on quality and refuse to offer anything else than the best.

  • Euro Snack will provide nationwide support for your HVD irons. Large distributors and other brands won't.

  • Euro Snack will provide training for your HVD irons.

  • Euro Snack will provide you marketing material to increase your sales.

  • Euro Snack imports directly from Belgium HVD waffle irons for your convenience. We take care of freight from Europe, custom clearance, import duties and other taxes as well as brokerage fees and deliver the waffle iron straight to your door. Easy, simple and worry free. 


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