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Baked Waffles Information


Our delicious artisan waffles are available as a finished baked product, either in bulk, individually wrapped in clear cellophane, or in a distinctive retail sleeve.

We took all the work out the equation and ship to you waffles ready to enjoy with the same guaranty of quality and versatility of use you have known to trust and enjoy with our waffle dough products.

Whatever the application, Le Waf has the right solution for your business:

  • In bulk, for large or small food service operation, that still want to offer a great product but don’t want to spend time, money and labor in making dough and baking waffles, Le Waf can then be used as a base for creative and decadent desserts while being served with gelato, fresh fruits or chocolate and whipped cream.

  • Individually wrapped in cellophane to preserve quality and freshness at its best and let you enjoy Le Waf cold as is, or warmed up in a toaster, toaster oven, conveyer toaster, or oven.

  • Retail wrapped waffles, offering a 6 weeks shelf life at room temperature, represent the perfect grab and go snack for coffee shop, grocery stores, deli, and convenience stores. The perfect impulse buy that will increase your bottom line sales after sales.


Please find below additional information on all the variety of sizes and flavors Le Waf has to offer.

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